Meaning of CARNOT, LAZARE in English


born May 13, 1753, Nolay, Burgundy, Fr. died Aug. 2, 1823, Magdeburg, Prussian Saxony in full Lazare-nicolas-marguerite Carnot, byname Organizer Of Victory, or The Great Carnot, French Organisateur De La Victoire, or Le Grand Carnot French statesman, general, military engineer, and administrator in successive governments of the French Revolution. As a leading member of the committees of General Defense and Public Safety and of the Directory (179397), he helped mobilize the Revolutionary armed forces and matriel. Additional reading Huntley Dupre, Lazare Carnot, Republican Patriot (1940, reprinted 1975), is a biography. Charles Coulston Gillispie, Lazare Carnot Savant (1971), describes Carnot's scientific work.

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