Meaning of CHETUMAL in English

in full Ciudad Chetumal, town, capital of Quintana Roo estado ("state"), eastern Mexico, on the eastern coast of the Yucatn Peninsula, on the Bay of Chetumal, just north of the Belize (formerly British Honduras) border, at only 20 feet (6 m) above sea level. The settlement, originally known as Payo Obispo, was founded in 1899 to prevent illegal exploitation of timber and shipments of contraband arms and ammunition by rebellious Maya Indians. It became the territorial capital when Quintana Roo was separated from Yucatn state in 1902. Set in tropical rain forests, Chetumal depends heavily upon forestry and forest products for its income. Chicle, lumber, and plywood are its principal exports. Fishing is only for the local market. Communication with the rest of Mexico and other nations is mostly by sea or air, though roads lead both to Mrida, the capital of Yucatn state, 282 miles (454 km) to the north, and to Belize City, former capital of Belize. Pop. (1980) 56,709.

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