Meaning of COLOMBE, MICHEL in English

born c. 1430, Brittany died c. 1512, Tours, France the last important Gothic sculptor in France. Little is known of his life, and none of his early works survives. His masterpiece is the tomb (150207) of Francis II of Brittany and his consort, Marguerite of Foix, in the Cathedral of Nantes. The general design of the tomb was the work of the sculptor Jean Perral, but Colombe executed the work. The reclining effigies and the figures of the four virtues on the corners of the tomb show little influence of the Burgundian Gothic style or of the art of the Italian Renaissance. Instead, they stem from the serene late Gothic art produced in the Loire River valley of France. The only other work definitely attributable to Colombe is a marble relief, St. George and the Dragon (150809). This work exhibits the influence of the Italian Renaissance in its perspective and compositional organization, but the careful attention to minute detail and the imaginative treatment of the dragon are typical of the artist's own Gothic style.

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