Meaning of DIABELLI, ANTON in English

born Sept. 6, 1781, Mattsee, near Salzburg, Archbishopric of Salzburg, Austrian Habsburg domain [now in Austria] died April 7, 1858, Vienna, Austria Austrian music publisher and composer best known for his waltz, or lndler, on which Ludwig van Beethoven wrote his 33 variations for piano (Diabelli Variations, Opus 120). He intended to enter the priesthood and entered the monastery at Raichenhaslach, where his studies were supervised by composer Joseph Haydn's brother Michael. Diabelli left in 1803, when the Bavarian monasteries were secularized, and went to Vienna, where he became a piano and guitar teacher. In 1818, with Peter Cappi, he founded a publishing firm, which he took over entirely in 1824. He published works of Franz Schubert, Carl Czerny, and Beethoven. In 1851 he issued the first thematic catalogue of Schubert's works. Diabelli was respected for his instincts as a publisher. His compositions include operettas, church music, and numerous light pieces for piano, flute, guitar, and other instruments.

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