Meaning of GARLIC in English


(species Allium sativum), bulbous perennial plant of the lily family (Liliaceae). The plant's bulbs are used as a flavouring. A classic ingredient in many national cuisines, garlic has a powerful, onionlike aroma and pungent taste; its wide use in the United States originated among European immigrant groups. In ancient and medieval times garlic was prized for its medicinal properties and was carried as a charm against vampires and other evils. Garlic bulbs are used either sliced or ground to flavour tomato sauces, stews, and salad dressings in southern European and Asian cuisines. Garlic is native to central Asia but also grows wild in Italy and southern France. The membranous skin of the garlic bulb encloses up to 20 edible bulblets called cloves. Flower stalks sometimes arise bearing tiny bulblets and blossoms without seeds. Garlic is propagated by planting cloves or top bulblets. Garlic is grown as an annual crop by methods similar to those used in growing onions. Garlic contains about 0.1 percent essential oil, the principal components of which are diallyl disulfide, diallyl trisulfide, and allyl propyl disulfide.

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