Meaning of GRAMME, ZNOBE-THOPHILE in English

born April 4, 1826, Jehay-Bodegne, Belg. died Jan. 20, 1901, Bois-Colombes, Fr. French electrical engineer and inventor (1869) of the Gramme dynamo, a continuous-current electrical generator that gave principal impetus to the development of electric power. Though the Gramme dynamo is occasionally employed in industry today, alternating-current machines have supplanted it as a power source for lighting. An indifferent student, Gramme preferred to work with his hands. In 1856 he began work in a Paris factory that fabricated apparatus for the infant electrical industry. In 1869 he conceived the continuous-current dynamo and in 1871 showed to the Academy of Sciences a working model that produced much higher voltages than did previous dynamos. Later that year, in partnership with Hippolyte Fontaine, also an inventor, he began manufacturing his dynamo. In 1873 a Gramme dynamo was exhibited at the Vienna exhibition, where it was discovered that the device was reversible and could be used as an electric motor.

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