Meaning of HALDEN in English

formerly Fredrikshald, town, stfold fylke (county), southeastern Norway. It lies along Idde Fjord, which forms part of the border between Norway and Sweden, at the mouth of the Tistedalselva (river). The site was settled in ancient times, and the modern town, founded in 1661, was known as Fredrikshald from 1665 to 1928. Its 17th-century Fredriksten Fort was a strategic border stronghold that withstood many attacks by the Swedes; during the siege of Fredrikshald in 1718 King Charles XII of Sweden was killed there. The fort was demilitarized in 1905 after the separation of Norway from Sweden. Halden's industries manufacture wood and paper products, footwear, and textiles. Granite and marble are quarried nearby. Notable features include the National War Memorial on Rds Hill and the medieval Berg Church. Svinesund Bridge, linking Norway and Sweden, is a few miles west of Fredriksten Fort. Pop. (1992 est.) mun., 25,851.

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