Meaning of HOBART PASA in English


born April 1, 1822, Leicestershire, England died June 19, 1886, Milan in full Augustus Charles Hobart-hampden English naval captain and adventurer who commanded the Ottoman squadron in the Russo-Turkish War of 187778. He served in the British Navy until 1863, when he retired with the rank of captain. During the U.S. Civil War (186165), he took command of a Confederate blockade runner, conveying war materials to Charleston, S.C., and returning with cargoes of cotton. Hobart entered Ottoman service about 1867 and was immediately nominated to the command of the fleet. He helped to suppress the Greek insurrection in Crete and was rewarded by the sultan with the title of pasa. In the Russo-Turkish War, his fleet completely dominated the Black Sea. Appointed msir (marshal) in 1881, he was the first Christian to hold that office.

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