Meaning of KONINCK, PHILIPS in English

born Nov. 5, 1619, Amsterdam died Oct. 4, 1688, Amsterdam Koninck also spelled Koning, Coningh, or Conningh Dutch painter of the Baroque period, celebrated for his panoramic landscapes. The influence of Rembrandt is paramount in the art of the earliest phase of his career, and it has often been supposed, probably incorrectly, that Rembrandt was his master. However, Koninck was certainly a friend of Rembrandt and was associated with his artistic circle in Amsterdam. His works include portraits, biblical subjects, and genre scenes, but his characteristic works are vast views of level countryside with villages, trees, and waterways observed from some slight eminence; e.g., View over a Flat Landscape (1664; Museum Boymans-van Beuningen, Rotterdam) and An Extensive Landscape with a Hawking Party (National Gallery, London). Contrasting areas of cloud shadow and sunlit landscape give life and variety to the simple compositions. Though sufficiently similar to Rembrandt in style and handling to have often passed under his name, Koninck's later landscapes show generally a blonder and greener colour range and were most influenced by the work of Hercules Seghers.

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