Meaning of MARSHALL in English

city, seat (1842) of Harrison county, northeastern Texas, U.S. The city lies 34 miles (55 km) west of Shreveport, La. Founded in 1841 by Isaac Van Zandt, it was named for Chief Justice John Marshall. It served as the temporary Confederate capital of Missouri during the Civil War when Governor C.F. Jackson, unable to induce Missouri to secede from the Union, moved the official seal and state records to Marshall. Situated on the Texas and Pacific Railway, the city has repair shops and serves as the centre of a farming area with considerable oil production. Its manufactures include petrochemicals, plastics, and carbon. Marshall is the seat of East Texas Baptist University (1912) and Wiley College (1873). Caddo Lake State Park is a nearby refuge for water-sport and fishing enthusiasts. Inc. town, 1843; city, 1848. Pop. (1990) city, 23,682; Longview-Marshall MSA, 193,801; (1994 est.) city, 23,324; (1995 est.) Longview-Marshall MSA, 203,949.

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