Meaning of O'KELLY, SEAN T. in English


born Aug. 25, 1882, Dublin, Ire. died Nov. 23, 1966, Dublin in full Sean Thomas O'Kelly, Irish Sean Thomas O Ceallaigh one of the early leaders of the Irish nationalist Sinn Fin (We Ourselves) Party. He served two terms as president of Ireland, from June 1945 to June 1959. For some years O'Kelly worked in the National Library, Dublin. In 1905 he became a journalistic associate of Arthur Griffith, principal founder of Sinn Fin. O'Kelly served as honorary secretary of Sinn Fin (190810) and general secretary of the Gaelic League (191520). From 1913 he helped to raise the Irish Volunteers, and he was imprisoned for a year for fighting against the British in the Easter Rising of 1916 in Dublin. In the election of 1918 in which Sinn Fin swept away the old Irish Nationalist Party, O'Kelly was elected a representative of part of Dublin. From then on and intermittently to 1945, O'Kelly was the representative of various divisions of Dublin in Dil ireann (the Irish assembly), and for a time he was that body's speaker. In 1919 he represented the Irish Republic at the World War I peace conference, Paris, and later he was envoy to Italy and the United States. In the government formed by Eamon De Valera in 1932, O'Kelly became vice president of the executive council and minister of local government. Succeeding Douglas Hyde as president in 1945 and reelected in 1952 without opposition, he retired from public life after his second term.

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