Meaning of O'MAHONY, JOHN in English


born 1816, near Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ire. died Feb. 6, 1877, New York, N.Y., U.S. founder of the American branch of the Fenian Brotherhood, an Irish nationalist secret society active in Britain and the United States during the mid-19th century (see Fenian). O'Mahony was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and became a respected Irish scholar. He took part in the unsuccessful Young Ireland rebellion of 1848 and with its failure fled the country, first to France. By the time O'Mahony arrived in the United States in 1853, he was a well-known leader of the Irish resistance to British rule. He settled in New York, where he helped organize the Emmet Monument Association, a predecessor to the Fenian movement. In 1857, after discussing with fellow nationalist James Stephens the organization of a revolutionary society to be headed in Ireland by Stephens, O'Mahony conceived of an American support organization that would be formed under his own leadership. He named it the Fenian Brotherhood after the Fianna, legendary defenders of Ireland whose exploits he had recounted in his own translation of a 17th-century Gaelic history of Ireland. Stephens' group came to be called the Irish Republican Brotherhood. The Fenians at first met with little success, causing a great deal of resentment toward O'Mahony by his counterpart in Ireland. But by 1865 the Fenian Brotherhood had grown large and prosperous, and it was able to send both arms and money to Ireland. In December 1865 the organization divided over the issue of selling Fenian bonds to raise more support. O'Mahony reluctantly backed the Fenian decision of 1865 to make a series of military raids on Canada, part of a scheme to take Canada hostage for the cause of Irish freedom. He suffered a loss of personal popularity after the failure of an attack against Campobello Island, New Brunswick. He resigned but was called out of retirement in 1872 to resume leadership of the group. He died in poverty, and his body was returned to Dublin for burial.

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