Meaning of JOHN in English

I. ˈjän noun

( -s )

Etymology: from the name John, from Middle English Johan, Jon, John, from Late Latin Joannes, Johannes, from Greek Iōannēs, from Hebrew Yōḥānān


a. often capitalized : fellow , guy , chap

these Wall Street johns can be trimmed — Carl Van Vechten

b. usually capitalized : a Chinese man

the melancholy Johns with glazed caps and black pigtails — J.H.Beadle

c. usually capitalized , now chiefly Australia : cop , policeman

a wild-eyed boy rushed in … and volunteered to direct the Johns to the body — Sydney (Australia) Bulletin

2. : toilet

have three bathrooms and only two johns — Mary Manning

II. noun

Usage: often capitalized

: a prostitute's client

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