born Feb. 13, 1924, Paris French journalist and politician. Servan-Schreiber volunteered in the Free French Army forces of Charles de Gaulle as a fighter pilot in 1943 and received the Cross of Valor for his services. After serving as foreign affairs editor of the Paris daily paper Le Monde (194853), he founded and managed (195370) L'Express, a moderately left-wing weekly news magazine modeled on Time. The publication of L'Express was halted temporarily in 1954 when the magazine printed a top-secret government report. Servan-Schreiber was inducted into the army in 1956 but was courtmartialed upon the publication of his first book, Lieutenant en Algrie (1957; Lieutenant in Algeria), which exposed French atrocities in the war. The book was later credited with helping turn French public opinion against the Algerian conflict. In Le Dfi amricain (1967; The American Challenge) he warned against Europe's becoming merely an economic colony of the United States. Servan-Schreiber was secretary general of the Radical Party (196971) and president (197175, 197779). His Ciel et terre: Manifeste radical (1970; The Radical Alternative, 1970) is a party manifesto. Elected as a deputy to the National Assembly in 1970, he served briefly as minister of reforms in the government of President Valry Giscard d'Estaing but was ousted for opposing government policy on nuclear testing. Servan-Schreiber founded the Mouvement Rformateur (Reform Movement) in 1972 with Jean Lecanuet and once again served briefly as minister of reforms in June 1974. He was president of the Regional Council of Lorraine from 1976 to 1978, and in 1979 he founded the Groupe de Paris (Paris Group), in conjunction with which he published Le Dfi mondial (1980; The World Challenge, 1980). He also continued in the 1970s to be associated with the direction of L'Express. Other publications of Servan-Schreiber include Les Rveil de la France (1968; The Spirit of May, 1969), a collection of editorials examining causes of the student uprisings in France in 1968; Forcer le destin (1970; Forcing Destiny's Hand); Le pouvoir rgional (1971; Regional Power); Appel la reforme (1971; A Call to Reform); L'arme de la confiance (1976; The Weapon of Confidence); and Le manifeste (1977; The Manifesto).

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