Meaning of WELLS, H G in English

Additional reading Studies focusing on his life include Norman MacKenzie and Jeanne MacKenzie, The Life of H.G. Wells, rev. ed. (1987), an excellent scholarly biography; and David C. Smith, H.G. Wells (1987). Critical essays are collected in Patrick Parrinder (ed.), H.G. Wells (1972), reviews published during the author's lifetime; and Bernard Bergonzi (ed.), H.G. Wells (1976), a broad introduction to recent critical response. Critical monographs include Bernard Bergonzi, The Early H.G. Wells (1961); W. Warren Wagar, H.G. Wells and the World State (1961), which deals ably with a central idea in Wells's work; and Frank McConnell, The Science Fiction of H.G. Wells (1981).

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