Meaning of JONES in English


I . Bobby Jones


a US golf player. He was the most successful amateur player (= one who does not accept money for playing) ever, and never became professional. He won the US Open (1) four times (1923, 1926 and 1929–30). In 1930 he became the only person ever to win the four major competitions, the Amateur and Open contests in both the US and Britain. Jones also helped to establish the US Masters Tournament at Augusta, Georgia .

II . Casey Jones

➡ Casey Jones .

III . Indiana Jones

a character played by Harrison Ford in three very successful adventure films directed by Steven Spielberg . They were Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989). Jones is an archaeologist and regularly gets into exciting, dangerous and sometimes humorous situations.

IV . Inigo Jones


an English architect and stage designer who introduced Palladianism (an Italian style) to Britain. Among his buildings are the Queen’s House, Greenwich , and the squares of Covent Garden and Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London. He also worked with Ben Jonson to produce masques (= plays with music and dancing) for King James I .

V . Jim Jones

➡ Jonestown .

VI . John Paul Jones


an American navy officer during the American Revolution , originally from Scotland. He was known for attacking British ships near the English coast. On one occasion in 1799, when his own ship was badly damaged and he was ordered by the British commander to surrender, he replied, ‘Sir, I have not yet begun to fight!’ He then captured the British ship before his own ship sank. After the war, Jones served in the Russian navy and then lived in Paris until his death. He is buried in the US Navy church in Annapolis , Maryland .

VII . Tom Jones

(1940– )

a Welsh popular singer with a strong voice. His hits have included It’s Not Unusual (1966), Green Green Grass of Home (1968), Kiss (1988) and the album Reload (2000). In the 1970s he moved to the US where he performs regularly in clubs, though he remains popular in Britain.

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