Meaning of JONES in English


I. Jones, Bobby /dʒəʊnz/ BrE AmE

(1902–71) a US ↑ golfer who is the only player to win the British Amateur, the ↑ British Open , the US Amateur, and the ↑ US Open in the same year (1930). He never became a ↑ professional (=someone who earns money by playing sport) , and in 1934 he started the US ↑ Masters Tournament .

II. Jones, Brid ‧ get /ˈbrɪdʒət, ˈbrɪdʒɪt/ BrE AmE

the main character in the popular novel Bridget Jones' Diary (1996) by British writer Helen Fielding, about an unmarried woman in her 30s and the problems she has in her busy life, such as trying to avoid smoking and eating too much. She is thought to be typical of many women in the late 1990s.

III. Jones, Ca ‧ sey /ˈkeɪsi/ BrE AmE

(1863–1900) an American train driver and ↑ folk hero who saved the lives of passengers in a train crash, but was killed himself

IV. Jones, Indiana BrE AmE

a character played by Harrison Ford in a series of films by Steven Spielberg, including Raiders of the Lost Ark . Indiana Jones is an ↑ archaeologist who tries to find valuable ancient objects and has many exciting adventures.

V. Jones, In ‧ i ‧ go /ˈɪnɪɡəʊ/ BrE AmE

(1573–1652) a British ↑ architect who designed many important buildings, especially in London. He was the first person to introduce the Italian ↑ Palladian style of building into the UK. He also designed ↑ scenery for the theatre.

VI. Jones, Jim /dʒɪm/ BrE AmE

⇨ see ↑ Jonestown

VII. Jones, Steve /stiːv/ BrE AmE

(1944–) a British ↑ biologist (=a scientist who studies living things) and ↑ geneticist (=a scientist who studies the way living things are affected by the ↑ gene s that pass on qualities from their parents) . He has written several books and made popular television and radio programmes explaining his ideas about ↑ genetics .

VIII. Jones, Tom BrE AmE

(1940–) a British POP SINGER from Wales, who first became successful in the UK in the 1960s, when he was famous for wearing tight trousers and singing in a sexually exciting way. He later spent many years as a popular performer in the US, especially in Las Vegas. His songs include It's Not Unusual and Delilah . His official title is Sir Tom Jones.

IX. Jones, Tommy Lee BrE AmE

(1946–) a US film actor whose films include JFK (1991), The Fugitive (1993), and Men in Black (1997). He won an Oscar for The Fugitive .

X. Jones, Vin ‧ nie /ˈvɪni/ BrE AmE

(1965–) a British football player who played for the Welsh national team and for Wimbledon football team. He was known for being a very strong and aggressive player who was not afraid to fight other players. After he stopped playing football, he became a film actor and has appeared in several films including Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels .

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