Meaning of ALREADY in English


[adverb] [not gradable] - earlier than the time expected, in a short time or before the present timeAre you buying Christmas cards already? It's only September!He inherited $10 000 yesterday and he's already decided what to do with it."Do you want to come to the Van Gogh exhibition with me?" "No, I've already seen it."It's bad enough already (= in its existing state) - don't make it any worse.We got caught up in the traffic and the concert had already begun by the time we arrived.The company already owns three national newspapers.She has only just completed her first television series, but her next project is already under way.A test for the disease already exists, but the new test will be quicker and cheaper.As I have already mentioned, I doubt that we will able to raise all the money we need."Would you mind giving the bath a quick clean?" "I've already done it."

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