Meaning of ALREADY in English




already exist

Legislation to protect us from terrorists already exists.




However, I had already begun the process, long before coming over, of minimizing and dismissing my cultural identity.

Similar changes have already begun in the admissions process for undergraduate students entering in 1998.

Perhaps the picture had already begun to look better.

Californians have already begun seeing overtures from retailers as the competition stirs.

The fact is that I had already begun to give serious consideration to the possibility of doing away with Dennis Parsons.

The 46-year-old has already begun his job.

The work had already begun when, late in the year, Pons first learned about Jones.

Workers were scared and had already begun fighting.


The Product must already exist and must have been registered.

This book is in-tended largely to call attention to this opportunity and to point to the consensus for action that already exists .

Substantial reductions are possible, as the technology already exists .

Some will go to programs that exist already .

Rather let the breath of new life be breathed by you through the forms already existing .

Instead, he would pretend the books already existed , and write fictions around them.

One is that a land resettlement programme already exists and that it is has been successful and well-administered in many respects.


Alice thought perhaps she'd known already she was ill.

It is not likely to require behavior change because most existing employees already know it well.

Go over the topic in your mind, identifying what you already know and don't know about the topic. 3.

Once they get there they need facilities, all the kinds of things the travel industry already knows how to provide.

The character's width, its height is already known by the point size, is stored in a width table.

Much of this seems to be at least a preliminary documentation of what has happened that is already known .

Dreaming is about using the information that you already know .

That was it: He already knew .


We have already made clear that we are determined to encourage management-employee buy-outs.

The pollution is already making a strong economic impact, both in the ponds and on the open water.

It has already made behind-the-scenes preparations to share the job of picking up the pieces.

Appearing to move especially swiftly because of that media focus, moreover, police have already made arrests in her case.

Our discussion has already made apparent a great paucity of large-scale bronzes compared to what survives in marble.

Price Waterhouse has already made about 320 redundant since the start of the recession.

Whatever happens, any tax relief obtained on donations you have already made will not be lost.

Imro is already making organisational changes and is to strengthen its monitoring resources.


My mother would not take it well, I knew this as surely as if I'd already mentioned it.

I have already mentioned the stipulation that before l could qualify for married status I should have passed two language exams.

I have already mentioned that right-handed pilots seem to have a natural tendency to turn left.

The numbers of the bilingual service providers which are already mentioned are growing slowly.

I have already mentioned the failure of the paramilitaries to create and sustain a political initiative.

We have already mentioned the marshes of Sussex and Kent as examples of areas drying out.

I have already mentioned the debate in Presbytery in 1974 about ministers going forward in elections.

Here is another difficult area which has been mentioned already: housing farm animals.


That the court is entitled to establish its own classification system has been seen already .

They already seen U-boats off Nova Scotia.

We have already seen that amorphous materials such as polymers have chain structures.

I could already see that look in his eyes, something slithery and pink that hints of alcoholic tendencies.

As we've already seen , the very high tax rates under the Labour Government helped to kill enterprise.

I can already see how my daughters, Katie, 9, and Perrie, 6, model my behavior.

We have already seen that there are cells in the visual cortex that recognize edges.

At Guinness, these principles constitute our Strategic Intent. you have already seen the first part of that intent.


Mr Wilson said Nerco had already started disposing of the gold and silver operations.

The electronic republic, therefore, has already started to redefine the traditional roles of citizenship and political leadership.

From here you can already start to see the rim of the mountains that enclose the cirque.

If you already started the document and saved it on the disk, recall it for editing or addition.

Two people living near the pit had written to the council expressing concern the changes had already started .

But the trend that I see for the next decade has already started .

In December 1922 he resigned graciously to return to his large goods store which had already started up in June.

He has already started looking for workers and jobs in and around south Lake County.


"Do you want a cup of coffee?" "No thanks, I already have some."

"Should I tell Kay?" "She already knows."

"When are you going to do your homework?" "I already did it before dinner!"

Are you leaving already ?

As I have already mentioned, we need to raise more political support.

Don't buy any more toys for the kids -- they've got plenty already .

He's only three and he's already reading.

I can't believe I already forgot his phone number!

Is it already 5 o'clock?

The building's already costing us way too much money as it is.

The show has already started.

Was the apartment empty when you moved in or was it already furnished?


As many teams already know, it is one of the kinder road stops in the league.

By the early 1950s the claim that agriculture saved valuable foreign exchange was already paper-thin.

I knew already how everything would end up.

She wondered if during that last frenetic occasion when she had seen Sylvie there had already been a premonition of the end.

This is a challenge which I and my colleague John Davis have already taken up.

This is a crucial proposition which we have already noted and which will be discussed again later in this book.

This is especially true if you introduce your spouse into an already established business partnership.

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