Meaning of BEFORE in English

(IN FRONT) [preposition] - in front ofThe letter K comes before L in the Roman alphabet.Many mothers put their children's needs before their own.We have the whole weekend before us - what shall we do?He stood up before a whole roomful of people, and asked her to marry him.(formal) I stand before you to ask your forgiveness.The task before him (= that he had to deal with) seemed impossible, but he was determined to succeed.To be before someone or a group of people, is to be formally considered or examined by that person or group.The proposal before the committee is that we try and reduce our spending by 10%.Our case is coming before the court week.The men appeared before the judge yesterday.If a place is before another place, you will arrive at it first when you are travelling towards the second place.The bus stop is just before the school.When you're travelling north in England, York is before Newcastle.

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