Meaning of COLD in English


(UNFRIENDLY) [adjective] -er, -est - not showing or influenced by affection, kindness or feeling and not friendlyHis handshake was cold, and his eyes lifeless.He stared into her cold blue eyes.She would never feel welcome in this city with its cold, unsmiling inhabitants.The school was a cold, unwelcoming place.If someone gives you the cold shoulder or cold-shoulders you, they are intentionally unfriendly and give you no attention.I can't understand why you're giving me the cold shoulder - what have I done wrong?He cold-shouldered me the next time I saw him.If someone kills in cold blood, they kill in a way that seems especially cruel because there is no understandable reason.Both the victims were tied up and no threat to the accused, but he killed them anyway, in cold blood.a cold-blooded murdererSee also cold-blooded at cold (LOW TEMPERATURE).She gave him a cold-eyed (= unfriendly) stare.Someone might be described as a cold fish if their manner is unfriendly and they do not share their feelings.The government's decision to shut both the hospital and the clinic was cold-hearted (= not sympathetic).The cold truth (= unpleasant fact) is that she's just not very efficient.A cold war is a state of extreme unfriendliness existing between countries esp. with opposing political systems which expresses itself not through fighting but through political pressure and threats.

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