Meaning of COLD in English


adj., n., & adv.


1. of or at a low or relatively low temperature, esp. when compared with the human body.

2 not heated; cooled after being heated.

3 (of a person) feeling cold.

4 lacking ardour, friendliness, or affection; undemonstrative, apathetic.

5 depressing, dispiriting, uninteresting (cold facts).

6 a dead. b colloq. unconscious.

7 colloq. at one's mercy (had me cold).

8 sexually frigid.

9 (of soil) slow to absorb heat.

10 (of a scent in hunting) having become weak.

11 (in children's games) far from finding or guessing what is sought.

12 without preparation or rehearsal.


1. a the prevalence of a low temperature, esp. in the atmosphere. b cold weather; a cold environment (went out into the cold).

2 an infection in which the mucous membrane of the nose and throat becomes inflamed, causing running at the nose, sneezing, sore throat, etc.

--adv. esp. US completely, entirely (was stopped cold mid-sentence).

Phrases and idioms:

catch a cold 1 become infected with a cold.

2 encounter trouble or difficulties. cold call sell goods or services by making unsolicited calls on prospective customers by telephone or in person. cold cathode a cathode that emits electrons without being heated. cold chisel a chisel suitable for cutting metal. cold comfort poor or inadequate consolation. cold cream ointment for cleansing and softening the skin. cold cuts slices of cold cooked meats. cold feet colloq. loss of nerve or confidence. cold frame an unheated frame with a glass top for growing small plants. cold front the forward edge of an advancing mass of cold air. cold fusion nuclear fusion at room temperature esp. as a possible energy source. cold shoulder a show of intentional unfriendliness. cold-shoulder be deliberately unfriendly to. cold sore inflammation and blisters in and around the mouth, caused by a virus infection.

cold storage

1. storage in a refrigerator or other cold place for preservation.

2 a state in which something (esp. an idea) is put aside temporarily. cold sweat a state of sweating induced by fear or illness. cold table a selection of dishes of cold food.

cold turkey US sl.

1. a series of blunt statements or behaviour.

2 abrupt withdrawal from addictive drugs; the symptoms of this. cold war a state of hostility between nations without actual fighting.

cold wave

1. a temporary spell of cold weather over a wide area.

2 a kind of permanent wave for the hair using chemicals and without heat. in cold blood without feeling or passion; deliberately, ruthlessly. out in the cold ignored, neglected. throw (or pour) cold water on be discouraging or depreciatory about.


coldish adj. coldly adv. coldness n.

Etymology: OE cald f. Gmc, rel. to L gelu frost

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