Meaning of DANGER in English


[noun] - the possibility of harm or death to someone, or of something unpleasant happeningDanger! Keep out! [U]Before we start, can I make sure that you are all fully aware of the dangers of mountain-climbing [C]He drove so fast that I really felt my life was in danger. [U]I'm not taking part in any sport that involves danger to life and limb. [U]If an ill person in hospital is described as out of danger, it means that they are not expected to die although they have been extremely ill.If there's any danger of seeing him at the party, I'm not going!A danger is also a harmful influence.the dangers of drugsThe judge described him as a danger to society.(esp. humorous) "Bye - don't work too hard!" "There's no danger of that (= I won't)!"If you are on the danger list, you are extremely ill, usually in hospital, and might die."How's your father?" "Still on the danger list, I'm afraid."She's finally been taken off the danger list (= is no longer extremely ill).(UK and ANZ) Danger money (US Hazardous-duty pay) is extra money which is paid to someone because their job involves danger.

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