Meaning of DISASTER in English

[noun] - (an event which results in) great harm, damage or death, or serious difficultyScientists have warned of the looming global disaster. [C]An inquiry was ordered into the recent rail disaster (= a serious train accident). [C]It would be a disaster for me if I lost my job. [C]This is one of the worst natural disasters ever to befall the area. [C]Disaster was averted when the pilot took action to stop the plane from crashing. [U]Heavy and prolonged rain can spell disaster for many plants. [U]Everything was going smoothly until suddenly disaster struck. [U]The club's difficulties edged closer to disaster (= serious difficulty) yesterday. [U]Inviting James and Ivan to dinner on the same evening was a recipe for disaster (= caused a very difficult situation) - they always argue with each other. [U]Aid has been flown in to the disaster area (= the place where a very serious accident, such as an earthquake, has happened).(figurative humorous) After the party, the house was a disaster area (= was extremely untidy).(informal) If something or someone is a disaster, they are very unsuccessful.The evening was a complete disaster.As a teacher, he was a disaster.

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