Meaning of DIVISION in English


[noun]The division (= sharing) of the tasks between the team members is still to be decided. [U]The division (= difference) between the rich and the poor has never been greater. [U]A stream marks the division between (= the edge of) the two farms. [C]Disagreements about defence cuts have opened up deep/sharp divisions (= disagreements) within the military. [C]Division (= Disagreement) within the party will limit its chances at the election. [U]A division is also a separate part of an army or large organization.There is no indication that the 25 foreign divisions (= military units) are preparing to withdraw from the region.Because of falling sales the company has decided to convert its tobacco division (= department) to paper production.A division is also a group of teams which play against each other in a particular sport.Manchester United are currently top of the first division.(figurative) The company prides itself on only hiring people who are in the first division (= of high quality).(UK specialized) A parliamentary division is a vote during which representatives in parliament go into either of two division lobbies (= voting rooms) according to whether they are voting for or against a suggested law.The division of labour is a way of organizing work, esp. making things, so that it is done as a set of separate processes by different (groups of) people.Society is challenging the traditional sexual division of labour and the idea that men are better suited than women to certain types of work.

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