Meaning of DREAM in English

(HOPE) [noun] [C] - an event in the future that would fulfil all your hopes and give you great pleasure or satisfactionIt's always been his dream to have flying lessons.The first few months of their romance had been like a dream (= perfect).He let me drive his new car last night - it goes like a dream (= extremely well).Winning all that money was a dream come true (= so good that they never imagined it would really happen).If someone talks about a dream holiday/house/kitchen, they mean the holiday, etc. that they would choose if they had enough money.My idea of a dream holiday is a desert island with absolutely nobody else around.Win the house of your dreams (= the best that you can imagine) in our fantastic competition!(disapproving) If someone is said to be (living) in a dream world it means that their hopes and ideas are totally impractical and unrealistic.(UK) A dream ticket is two politicians who represent different opinions in their party standing for election as leader and the next in charge, and so getting as much support as possible.

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