Meaning of DREAM in English

/ driːm; NAmE / noun , verb

■ noun


[ C ] a series of images, events and feelings that happen in your mind while you are asleep :

I had a vivid dream about my old school.

I thought someone came into the bedroom, but it was just a dream.

'Goodnight. Sweet dreams.'

—compare nightmare

—see also wet dream


[ C ] a wish to have or be sth, especially one that seems difficult to achieve :

Her lifelong dream was to be a famous writer.

He wanted to be rich but it was an impossible dream.

If I win, it will be a dream come true .

She tried to turn her dream of running her own business into reality.

a dream car / house / job, etc.

I've finally found the man of my dreams .

a chance to fulfil a childhood dream

It was the end of all my hopes and dreams.

—see also pipe dream


[ sing. ] a state of mind or a situation in which things do not seem real or part of normal life :

She walked around in a dream all day.

—see also daydream


[ sing. ] ( informal ) a beautiful or wonderful person or thing :

That meal was an absolute dream.


- go / work like a dream

- in your dreams

- like a bad dream

—more at wild adjective

■ verb ( dreamt , dreamt / dremt; NAmE /) or ( dreamed , dreamed )


dream (of / about sb/sth) to experience a series of images, events and feelings in your mind while you are asleep :

[ v ]

Did I talk in my sleep? I must have been dreaming.

I dreamt about you last night.

[ vn ]

Did it really happen or did I just dream it?

[ v ( that )]

I dreamt (that) I got the job.


dream (of / about sth) | dream (of / about doing sth) to imagine and think about sth that you would like to happen :

[ v ]

She dreams of running her own business.

It was the kind of trip most of us only dream about.

( informal )

I wouldn't dream of going without you (= I would never go without you) .

[ vn ]

Who'd have dreamt it? They're getting married.

[ v ( that )]

I never dreamt (that) I'd actually get the job.


- dream sth away

- dream on

- dream sth up



Middle English : of Germanic origin, related to Dutch droom and German Traum , and probably also to Old English drēam joy, music .

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