Meaning of FACTORY in English

[noun] [C] - a building or set of buildings where large amounts of goods are made using machinesa car/munitions/shoe/textile factorya factory worker/manager/inspectorShe works in/at a factory.(UK and ANZ) Factory farming is a system of farming in which a lot of animals are kept in a small enclosed area, in order to produce a large amount of meat, eggs or milk as cheaply as possible.They have launched a campaign against factory farming.She says that free-range chickens taste much better than factory-farmed ones.The factory floor is the area where the ordinary workers in a factory work.The company has been criticized for the lack of safety measures on the factory floor.(figurative) That sort of decision should be taken on the factory floor (= by the ordinary workers).(UK specialized) Factory gate prices are the prices which a factory sells its goods for.Factory gate prices have risen by 5% over the past year.A factory ship is a large ship which has equipment for preserving the fish caught by other smaller ships, usually by freezing them.

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