Meaning of FACTORY in English



a chocolate factory

My dream job would be working in a chocolate factory.

a factory farm (= one in which animals are kept inside, in small spaces, and made to grow or produce eggs very quickly )

Pigs in factory farms are fed a mixture of grains and proteins.

a factory/farm/office worker

Factory workers threatened strikes.

a farm/factory/school etc gate

I carefully shut the farm gate behind me.

Lots of parents were waiting outside the school gate.

a house/factory/car etc blaze (= a burning house/factory/car etc )

Three people were badly hurt in a house blaze.

agricultural/industrial/factory etc machinery

factory farming

factory floor

There’s been a lot of talk on the factory floor among the ordinary workers about more layoffs.

factory/hospital/school etc closure

the problem of school closures

garment industry/factory/district etc

She works in the garment district of Manhattan.




Alongside the Manchester Ship Canal there were open spaces suitable for large modern factories using imported raw materials.

Periodically during the day, we received fire from a large factory to our north.

Moreover, the technology that is commonly available for large cement factories is inappropriate for most developing countries.

He enraged biologists by considering the biosphere of living creatures as a large chemical factory .

The net loss of 2.8 million from 1971 to 1989 occurred above all through the decline of the large factory .

By 1980 the Puzzle Palace had become the largest single espionage factory the free world had ever known or could ever imagine.

As capitalism developed, the workforce was increasingly concentrated in large factories where production was a social enterprise.

Eliseo worked in a large state-run factory for a very small wage.


The roots are crushed in the local sugar factory to extract the sugary juice.

Union teachers might not get a cost of living increase, but they could negotiate with the local ice cream factory .

To keep the supporters out of mischief during the morning, Chapman arranged tours of a local factory and brewery.

In particular all local factories and the military were ordered to rejoice.

Brachs, a confectionery company, recently took Chicago by surprise when it announced the closure of its local factory .

Sometimes the blacksmith would take on commissions from other organisations such as repair work for local factories or railway companies.

Many had livestock pens and some had specialized functions connected with a local firm or factory .

The four local factories were told in no uncertain terms that they had to celebrate.


The other decision was to build a new factory .

That was followed in mid-1985 by production of engines and other components at a new factory in Anna, Ohio.

Part two is business-oriented and built around a visitor's search for a new factory site.

The new factory made it possible for the company to produce increasingly elaborate garments.

Would you open a new factory there now?

Foreign manufacturers could only benefit by starting new factories in Britain, again creating jobs.

That ended in the 1950s, when the new factory trawlers arrived.

The £50 million deal involves supplies to Toyota's new factory in Derbyshire.


One of the few exceptions is a small factory , mainly employing women, which produces electronic components.

Still there were crucial differences in this small sample of factories .

Local authorities will be responsible for controlling discharges from smaller factories and license provisions for waste disposal contractors.

He set up a small factory in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1895.

She considers whether or not to start a small factory in the region.

Yet, in Buffalo, Dole spoke to a small group of factory workers who were mostly Democrats.

Waller's double-glazing business was caught up in the plague when hooligans set his small factory on fire.

Like the electric motor, the internal-combustion engine was soon used in all kinds of small factories and shops.



I was working in a car factory at the time.

Read in studio A fire has caused thousands of pounds worth of damage at a car factory .

Like many of the city's estates, it was built for car factory workers.

Unions at the car factory say they are delighted that bosses have rewarded workers for their efforts with major investment.

Soon it will also be the site of a £300m car factory .

Dad worked at the local car factory .


Many factory closures are on the way, with perhaps as many as 600,000 jobs at risk.

The province has become sadly familiar with news of lay-offs and redundancies, factory closures and company collapses.


Components were stacked in piles all over the factory floor like the contents of an attic.

Rumors swept up from the factory floor and lofted back down again from the cubicles of middle management.

They went through a series of corridors until they reached the factory floor .

Such an agreement, however, has clearer links with the factory floor than the consulting room.

He moved off the factory floor and into management with the same manufacturing firm.

But socialism was doomed unless power remained on the factory floor and flowed upwards, rather than downwards.

Down on the factory floor , automatic control had the expected virtue of moderating high-powered energy sources as mentioned earlier.


For nearly three decades, he worked in Woodbury at a garment factory near his home.

Minnie had three children and continued to work almost constantly in the garment factories .

She started working in the Baltimore garment factories , helping with newsletters and worker organization.


People must turn up at the proverbial factory gates fresh, fit and ready to toil.

Mr Peters asks the highly relevant question: why do so many workers leave their talents at the factory gate ?

The second order relates to the banning of meetings in the vicinity of the factory gates .

The danger of an upturn in inflation was highlighted today in figures showing the price of goods leaving the factory gate .

Cars were pouring out of the factory gates when he reached them and two buses added to the congestion.

City economists also worried that factory gate price inflation was proving difficult to curb.


I suppose it's really just like factory work - just as boring.

Girls, even, can learn factory work or serve in restaurants.

I tried everything - engineering, factory work - but I needed a fresh-air life.

His jobs included digging ditches, coal-mining and factory work .

She was overjoyed to find she earned a much higher wage than for her factory work .

Many things have to be put in to make a factory work .


A glossy magazine designed to satisfy the CEOs ego may go wide of the mark with the factory workers .

Fewer factory workers are losing fingers or getting sick.

Like everybody from factory workers to opera stars, writers were supposed to serve the totalitarian state and its purposes.

Where are the sons of longshoremen and black factory workers from the South?

Streets which once throbbed with dock and factory workers and their families were now deserted.

In both metallurgical and textile industries almost half the factory workers were employed in plants of over 1,000 workers.

Aircraft factory workers were the highest paid and in 1940 De Havilland reported average earnings of £5.53p weekly.

In Table 5.1 housewives' experiences of monotony, fragmentation and speed are compared with those of a sample of factory workers .



Suppose in the long run the industry can build more identical factories .

Already, Idec Pharmaceuticals is looking at building a factory in Texas or another non- California site.

He is building a factory to make cigarettes and would like to make shoes, ice-cream, scent, vitamins and china.

A raft of foreign-owned firms have built new factories .

Rows of terraced houses for the workers, and later shops, were built near the factories .

Farrakhan, upon his return, said he would accept the money to build homes, factories and schools.

Starting out as a cowboy movie extra, he built a comedy factory .

No rush to build yet To be sure, there is no flood of biotechs rushing to build factories .


He comes, and after a heated discussion he commits himself to closing down the factory by 1992.

The Boeing Co., the region's largest employer, closed its factories and dismissed workers early.

Politicians will not close important factories or meddle with publicly owned bodies that pollute.

Q: Why did we close a Johnson Brothers factory last year if the brand is so important?

Northern Foods is axing 3,000 jobs and closing smaller factories in order to cut group costs.

Meco International has sold one of its subsidiary companies and so is closing a factory and centralising production on to another site.

It's the same with closing a factory .


His car had been damaged at least six times and he'd moved his double glazing factory because of three attempted robberies.

A hundred years ago we moved from farm to factory .

The po solution is to move the factory upstream of itself so that its effluent is drawn into its intake.

He moved off the factory floor and into management with the same manufacturing firm.

Rose moved around her factory aware all the time of the undercurrents from the women working there.

Bombed out of one small premises, Grandpa had moved from factory to factory, finally ending up in what was now Belmodes.

Much less coal has to be moved and so factory owners have a freer choice of position.


In late 1996 Mercedes-Benz will open a transplant factory in Vance, Alabama.

Would you open a new factory there now?

Sacks of asbestos fibre had been opened in the factory , releasing dust into the atmosphere.

He opened a factory at Chigwell, Essex, in 1785.

He opened a second factory in Gode in 1854.


Next years competition brief is to design an energy-efficient ceramics factory producing heavy-duty decorative tiles for buildings.

Given that the factory producing the chocolate is miles away, the resulting confections are really quite good.

Back in Vilangulu they own a factory that can produce up to 1,000 meals a day.

State ownership of all factories producing cars?

Lowry showed how the factories produced people deprived of identity.

But different factories have produced a different quality of chemical.

I recently visited a factory that produces heavy engineering goods.


A harsh criticism, perhaps, since Laura was no longer running the factories on a daily basis.

Motors, by the millions, bestowed with selves, now run factories .

This is not needed merely to run the factories properly - which is what foreign managers' present jobs mainly amount to.

Amsale, who sometimes works seven days a week running her dress factory , still controls her hours.

Consumers will pay what they have to pay to heat their homes, drive their cars and run their factories .

Unwritten rules may be a precarious basis on which to run a factory .

The car rattled along, crossing the myriad narrow gauge loco tracks that ran between the factories lining the route.


He set up a small factory in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1895.

Waller's double-glazing business was caught up in the plague when hooligans set his small factory on fire.

This time she took him to a room in a large apartment block set near factories and oil-storage tanks.

Bric-a-brac was donated and sold on the stall which was set up in the factory canteen.

Rich Athenians set up small factories in which the chief, but not the sole, source of labour was slaves.

While he was still in his twenties he set up his own factory in Welwyn Garden City and became a millionaire.


I recently visited a factory that produces heavy engineering goods.

Next, they visit a yogurt factory and learn about yogurt and how it is made.

The writers spent a year talking to workers and visiting the factory to make sure their production was as authentic as possible.

What did a liberated woman wear to visit a factory ?

A Department of Labour inspector visited the factory on 28 May.

You are also invited to visit a clog factory to watch the craftsmen at work.


factory girl/shop girl/office girl

factory-made/German-made/homemade etc

the factory floor


a shoe factory


After starting with a handful, the factory now employs 2, 800 workers.

Children used to have to work in dreadful conditions, in factories and mines.

In factories and at work, as well as communities and localities?

In the factories of bioengineering firms and in the chips of neural-net computers, the organic and the machine are merging.

Inputs from these sensor measurements are compared to factory yield and performance.

Paradoxically, Soviet planners turned the primitive conditions and shortage of supplies at the factories to their advantage, Overy says.

The lead factory on the outskirts of town is such a wreck that you don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Wharton-Tigar recalls quite well the sardine factory controlled by Reichmann and Hollander.

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