Meaning of FACTOR in English

I. noun


a crucial factor/part/element

The cost of the project is the crucial factor.

a key factor (= a very important factor )

A key factor in starting any business is its location.

a risk factor (= something that increases a risk )

High cholesterol is one of the risk factors associated with heart disease.

causal relationship/link/factor etc

a causal relationship between unemployment and crime

combination of factors

A combination of factors may be responsible for the increase in cancer.

contextual information/factors etc

contributing factor

Stress is a contributing factor in many illnesses.

contributory factor

Smoking is a contributory factor in lung cancer.

cultural factors/influences

Research suggests that cultural factors influence scores in intelligence tests.

decisive factor/effect/influence etc

Women can play a decisive role in the debate over cloning.

determining factor

The age of a wine is a determining factor as to how it tastes.

economic factor (= a factor involving money or the economy that affects a situation )

Complex economic and social factors have contributed to the rise in violent crime.

external factors

Low birth weight may be caused by external factors , such as smoking during pregnancy.


A number of factors have combined to create this difficult situation.

limiting factor

A limiting factor in health care is the way resources are distributed.

major role/part/factor etc

Britain played a major role in the negotiations.

RH factor

Rhesus factor

the deciding factor

Taxes could be the deciding factor for millions of floating voters.

wind chill factor

It must have been minus 5 with the wind chill factor .

X Factor




We shall consider two possible causal factors: being female and being in a low status job.

These are not experimental because no causal factor is assumed to be operating in the survey situation.

During the past decade, much research has addressed possible causal factors .

Weight by itself can thus be eliminated as a causal factor .

Second, the relationship between age and poverty may be the consequence of other causal factors .

Instead, when fully understood, the apparent contradiction may reveal a new causal factor that was not considered before.

There are, of course, profound disagreements between Marxist and elite writers as to the causal factors generating this phenomena.

Or does the causal level contain factors of another sort which do the real work?


This may well have been a contributory factor in the prevalence of death in child-birth.

Many different contributory factors were suggested, from national differences in personality structure and child-rearing practices to political institutions.

In investigating the causes of absenteeism from work, for example, researchers have found different contributory factors .

Some scientists have pointed to a recent brightening of the sun as an important contributory factor to global warming.

Check that overfeeding is not a contributory factor .

The controversy surrounding the film was doubtless a contributory factor to Hollywood's subsequent avoidance of the subject.

But those within the service point to the investment in training as a major contributory factor to an increasingly professional service.

Psychological stressors are known to be important contributory factors in relation to accidents.


Merchant's companies do not seem to distinguish between key result areas and critical success factors .

Job security is a critical factor for many people.

Alternatively, dictatorship might be better defined by the absence of a limited mandate-a critical factor in our definition of democracy.

Research seems to indicate that how parents manage the divorce process is the critical factor for children rather than the divorce perse.

And within a few years after Keynes, the level of production became the critical factor in war mobilization.

A critical factor appears to be the enhanced influx of external calcium which is taken up by the stores with two consequences.

The most serious charge was that the bank did not address the most critical factors affecting the location of economic activity.


The crucial factor in these committees was the presence on them of members and officers together.

The crucial factor was the identity of your parents.

It is the combination of different roles within a team that seems a crucial factor in its success.

Job satisfaction is commonly a crucial factor in a decision not to aim high.

There is also a problem in delineating this sector since self-employment is considered such a crucial factor .

In general, fire is the crucial factor in life and the generation of life.

A crucial factor , after all, in a business where the bland die young.

Identification with Osiris was a crucial factor both through the judgement after death and through association with his major cult centres.


Now it might be argued that ontologically the decisive factor is that on opening his eyes he found again two distinct individuals.

Yet extending family is such a decisive factor in the success of working parents, they really can not afford their reluctance.

The decisive factor in many of these wrangles may be the judiciary.

In the future, aircraft will be the decisive factor .

However well you try to equip yourself, qualifications are unlikely to be the decisive factor .

Ultimately, though, human beings are the decisive factor .

The death of his wife in 1849 was probably a decisive factor in Hill's decision to quit.

Gradually it emerged that his concern for his country was the decisive factor in his changed attitude.


Many different contributory factors were suggested, from national differences in personality structure and child-rearing practices to political institutions.

And different factors seem to predispose women to problems with alcohol.

There is a different price factor for each eligible bond and for each delivery month.

He insists that very different factors are responsible for the style of his wines.

Again different factors are suggested here.

From the 1970s onwards, however, the moves began to accelerate and involved quite different factors .

One different factor from hens is age.

The register of academic writing is influenced by several different factors .


Let us now consider some of the economic and political factors generally incorporated into country risk assessment models applicable to non-OECD countries.

But if economic factors are included, our choices of future missions will be dramatically changed.

This will be affected not just by economic factors , but by demographic and social factors as well.

Another statistic that is even more interesting and germane to the discussion of electronic commerce is the economic factor .

As well as demographic trends these include such social and economic factors as alternative opportunities for employment and the supply of places.

The new rules laid greater emphasis on economic factors such as professional qualifications and work skills.

The importance of this work is that it puts economic factors firmly back on the agenda as explanations of crime.

Lead times, however, are only one economic factor relevant to East - West competition.


On average, environmental factors caused about twice as many cancers as inborn genetic factors.

But it is certain that an interplay between biological and environmental factors exists.

Comfort is also related to environmental factors - noise, light and temperature.

These causes are not necessarily genetic, but may include environmental factors such as upbringing in the family, social conditioning and so on.

Q17 Identify the major environmental factors which are responsible for producing change in markets.

Cancer experts are deeply divided amongst themselves about the percentage of cancers that can be attributed to environmental factors .

Finally, it might be the result of an interplay between genetic and environmental factors .

There are interactions between genetic predisposition and environmental factors .


Firstly, changing external factors meant that many plans became rapidly out of date and so they could never be implemented properly.

We are not internally controlled in our actions but more externally controlled, and one of the external factors is the guilt.

A mixed picture emerged, characterised by a number of adverse external factors .

It has nothing to do with external or outside factors of any kind.

It is not influenced by external factors .

We examine why the road to our project might be closed by internal and external factors .

In 1916, however, the fortunes of the union were boosted by entirely external factors .

This statement relies on external factors , not internal ones to the employee.


The important factor is to ventilate the anger.

But the most important single factor was the man who had built the business was an honest man.

The relative presence or absence of the latter is an important factor in distinguishing between different categories of small town.

This was a perfectly workable design, but an important factor intervened to change it.

Later in the evening the three other important factors arrived, Jean, Rob and the boat.

The fact that many of them have not been trained as teachers is another important limiting factor .

One of the most important factors for maintaining beautiful skin and a glowing complexion is good circulation.

Your life expectancy can also be an important factor .


It dismisses suggestions that acid rain is a key factor in declining tree health.

However, the key factor will be whether the president puts campaign finance reform high on his agenda for next year.

As I've said before, the key factor is not one of nationalism but of sporting excellence.

However, the key factor has been domestic agricultural policies which protect indigenous agriculture for security or political reasons.

This is a key factor in preserving the Panel's integrity and independence from the judiciary.

There are four key factors which illustrate the point.

Qualities such as unselfishness, sensitivity, honesty, and temperament would also be key factors in the total person.

This has important consequences for a key factor in the model - the bureaucrat's monopoly of information.


The main factors contributing to this overall position are then listed.

The main factor for a road is public access, but where to draw the line causes difficulty.

He suggested that one of the main factors which led to unsafe conditions was cost.

So far we have looked at some of the main economic factors concerned with selling overseas.

Price is now the main factor differentiating competing brands.

What are the main factors producing geometric distortion in Landsat images? 4.

This question of source rocks is the main unproven factor in assessing the hydrocarbon potential of south Antrim.


Another major limiting factor in excavation is the subjective nature of the excavation process.

But a major factor is that many baby boomers are moving into their peak earning years, according to Sheehan.

Variation in the nutrient content of the water was clearly the major factor involved.

Time is a major factor in reducing the discrepancies among income classes.

A recent major study of traffic problems in the Edinburgh area recognised road safety as a major factor for consideration.

The three major operative factors are as follows: 1.

Smoking is probably the major factor causing heart disease.

The pressures to get thin, and to do it by shortcuts, may be a major factor in these deaths.


The lifetime of coins was indeed sometimes very short as a result of various political or economic factors .

The political factor has to weigh in.

Let us now consider some of the economic and political factors generally incorporated into country risk assessment models applicable to non-OECD countries.

Another political factor may also play a large role in 1995: An expected capital-gains tax cut may finally come to pass.

The discipline of cash limits was repeatedly disregarded, with political factors often intervening to soften the government's monetarist convictions.

University funds are determined yearly by Congress; unfortunately, their allocation often depends upon political factors .

The Wissenschaftsrat has been trying to sort this one out, but the political factors seem to have prevented progress.

Describe the main economic and political factors considered by risk analysts. 3.


We can assess all the relevant factors for you, and produce the right amount of cash at the appropriate time.

The cost varies with what you want covered, the risks involved, your credit management history, and other relevant factors .

These are relevant factors to take into account.

A case that is considered thoroughly is looked at in the round and all the relevant factors are taken into proper consideration.

While age is clearly a highly relevant factor it does not always accurately reflect ability to understand.

One relevant factor in this situation is the role of psychotherapy in general and of psychoanalysis in particular.

Another relevant factor is the sense of unfairness and the feeling that some employers seem to get off free.

A scoring system for the relevant factors is used based on the judgement of a group of informed people.


It was now that gender became a significant factor .

Another significant factor is simply the passage of time since 1918.

Authenticity in terms of location and period detail were significant factors in each film's success.

Instead, the Packers are thriving, proving once more that sound management is the most significant factor in sports.

Nat West says that late payment has recently been a significant factor in the demand for bank finance.

As a consequence, Volunteers were not informed of a number of significant factors .

Burmeister and Wall; have identified 5 significant macroeconomic factors , 1.

Furthermore, race is not a significant factor in the minimum wage calculation.


I had no idea that the greatest single factor causing cancer, 350% was diet.

The single factor that controls the rate of oscillation or movement of the pendulum is the length of the string.

While it was not the sole cause of this, the poll tax was undoubtably the most important single factor .

The survey showed that consumer concern about the economy was the single biggest factor affecting the building business in 1993.

If any single factor dominated the lives of nineteenth-century workers it was insecurity.

Nutritional factors that affect your cholesterol: Saturated fat is the single most important factor affecting blood cholesterol levels.

It is also the single most inhibiting factor for investment, not just foreign but domestic.

But the most important single factor was the man who had built the business was an honest man.


Another complicating social factor is the change in working patterns.

Vygotsky was concerned with the question of how social and cultural factors influence intellectual development.

As well as demographic trends these include such social and economic factors as alternative opportunities for employment and the supply of places.

For Vygotsky, social factors play a fundamental role in intellectual development.

The research aims to investigate some of the social psychological factors that have helped to maintain the present conflict.

As we have implied, the manner in which the change proceeds is conditioned by both social and phonological factors .

Or are those with lower IQs more likely to be exposed to lead because of social factors ?

Its distribution again emphasises that the dispersal of some rare imports may have been governed by social or political factors .


He does it by bringing into focus the various contributing factors .

Depending on various factors , production might find its equilibrium at a high level or a low one.

These various factors which influence the value of an option may be summed up in the following functional statement:.

In addition, various factors may interfere with development or future health.

Efficiency is the outcome of a combination of various inter-related factors working in concert with one another.

What is more, owing to various factors , the number of people living alone is growing.

However, the survival of certain types of artefact is as much the result of various factors prior to burial as to post-depositional processes.



Establishing risk factors which identify those at an elevated risk of experiencing dementia is problematic because of multi-causality.

Overweight children and adults have increased heart disease risk factors , such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels.

Some of the risk factors are associated with the procedures and some with the patients, in particular their age.

When Maori and non-Maori controls were compared the prevalence of many of the known risk factors was higher in Maori infants.

Cigarette smoking is a risk factor for cervical neoplasia.

Weight gain as a risk factor for clinical diabetes mellitus.

Fifteen of the 16 cases with a fatal outcome had one or more of these risk factors .

For these categories hospital 1 had the lowest perinatal mortality rates among the consultant units after adjustment for risk factors .



Changing patterns of household formation are normally taken into account, as this factor can also affect results.

The politically optimal policy toward the foreigner may be precluded by the inequality of factors affecting the balance of bargaining.

To deal with this possibility, you need to identify the factors that might affect voting rates among men and women.

Another factor which affected the likelihood of a case being reported was intimidation by the cattle stealers.

The most serious charge was that the bank did not address the most critical factors affecting the location of economic activity.

Abrams explained this in terms of a particular configuration of economic factors affecting the United States at this time.

A final factor that affects the number of children desired by developing world couples is infant mortality.


One of the contributing factors is the collapse in cocoa prices.

We are very fortunate in this country to say that prosperity and suffering, both are inherently contributing factors for unity.

Another key contributing factor is the warmth and wetness of skin.

Whether caffeine is the root cause of your insomnia or just a contributing factor , your caffeine consumption needs to be addressed.

But individual choices, structured by family, community and ethnic group efforts and values will be a contributing factor .


The method used for this process will depend on several factors , mainly the number of copies, the quality and cost.

The fates of these leagues largely will depend on those factors .&038;.

Tail rotor trim is variable and depends on many factors which are discussed elsewhere.

For example, Texas now gives welfare beneficiaries one to three years to find employment, depending on such factors as education.

Whether or not a particular form of radiation has any effect on a living creature depends upon three factors .

This load depends on factors such as where the connection is in the building.

Newco's options depend on these factors , as well as on the time available and the financial strength of the vendor.

University funds are determined yearly by Congress; unfortunately, their allocation often depends upon political factors .


Space is a determining factor on performance.

What has been done, and what is morally judged, is partly determined by external factors .

Simple belief is often the determining factor in economic matters.

Resort to the photocopier is often determined by economic factors .

Depth, the Wildcats said, was the determining factor .

The third determining factor is finance.

Again, budget is a determining factor in decision making.


Between 1945 and 1956, many research findings identified other factors which affected the blood pressure.

To deal with this possibility, you need to identify the factors that might affect voting rates among men and women.

Q17 Identify the major environmental factors which are responsible for producing change in markets.

All the complex factors that make children behave in certain ways will never be simple to identify .

The marketer must therefore turn his attention to how to identify these factors soas to be able to construct an effective strategy.

This leads to the establishing of a model which attempts to identify and compare growth factors for the two business groups.

A comparative approach will identify marketing factors which distinguish successful companies from less successful ones.

This in turn has led clinicians to try to identify the factors that might be responsible for poor clinical results.


Mr. Clarke Any intelligent parent, intelligent governor or intelligent newspaper person will bear it in mind that various factors influence results.

These factors influence not only cognitive reasoning but also affective reasoning.

What factors influence the type of crater and associated features formed by an impact? 8.

Vygotsky was concerned with the question of how social and cultural factors influence intellectual development.

What are the factors that will influence your decision?

Population Occasionally, population will be the primary factor which will influence the marketing of a particular product.

In such a situation, what factors might influence data quality?


among other things/places/factors etc

But that study was highly criticized for poor mammograms, among other things.

I'd like him to look specifically at Personnel's computing problems among other things. 3.

It was noticeable, among other things, that she was drinking faster than anybody else.

Sniping by the president's men has, among other things, forced the foreign minister to resign.

That could mean, among other things, grouping inmates by race in counseling.

That meant, among other things, keeping them from making any deal that gave real estate to the Vietminh.

The industrial revolution, among other things, necessarily produced general literacy.

You have to give Cronenberg credit for nerve, among other things.

extenuating circumstances/factors etc

A terrifying warning was occasionally administered in cases where extenuating circumstances existed.

Clearly, then, extenuating factors such as the attraction of video stores and the ability to browse are sometimes overlooked.

Goodstein suggested that this eased by talking about extenuating circumstances.

Hunger and poverty, the main reasons for their poaching, are not treated by the courts as extenuating circumstances.

Paedophilia is the only major crime in which there is no possibility of extenuating circumstances.

feel-good factor

mitigating circumstances/factors

A good barrister - he'd known Thomas Walters for years - would be able to argue mitigating circumstances.

I understand that there are mitigating circumstances, programming complications, contracts, etc.

In its defence, the Government pleads mitigating circumstances.

In the absence of mitigating factors the virus is likely to hit a dead end wherever strict role separation is practiced.

Juries have long stretched notions of self-defense or extended implicit clemency to recognize mitigating factors such as provocation and histories of abuse.

Lancashire were subsequently fined £500, not £700, because of mitigating circumstances.

Now, that decision has been overturned although the appeal judges spoke of strong mitigating factors in the case.

There were also mitigating factors, Lord Lane said.

the wow factor


Doctors recommend putting factor 30 sun lotion on children.

His formal education was a less significant factor in his upbringing than practical experience.

His girlfriend lives in London and I'm sure that was a factor in his decision to move there.

Money will be the key factor when we decide to buy a new house.

Race should never be a deciding factor in a hiring decision.

The issue of abortion rights is obviously not the only factor affecting the female vote.

The most important factor in professional sport is psychology.

The price of insurance depends on several factors, including the age of the car.

There are one or two factors we haven't considered yet.

Traders said several factors contributed to Nasdaq's weakness.


After reactor performance improvements of approximately a factor of one trillion, the break-even point is now in sight.

Nevertheless, when all factors have been assessed, there still remain effects which can not be explained in orthodox terms.

Several factors influence the distribution of potassium between body comPartments.

The holist is enlightened by an account of the factors constraining people's actions.

The proposition linking external factors to workshop behaviour rested on the first three studies.

There is also a new enforcement factor at work, which is the emergence of global markets attuned to fiscal responsibility.

They omitted from their calculations two factors which were to make a nonsense of their plans.

This load depends on factors such as where the connection is in the building.

II. verb


It was just 6% of total world factoring volumes in 1991, according to Factors Chain International.

Once the policy of factoring is established, the factor will dictate credit terms.

The fact that millionaires can do all sorts of things that we can't never seems to factor into the equation.

This would allow investors to factor out inflation before calculating how much money they made on the sale of a particular asset.

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