Meaning of FUZZY in English

[adjective] -ier, -iest - (of an image) having shapes that do not have clear edges, or (of a sound, esp. from a television, radio, etc.) not clear, usually because of other unwanted noises making it difficult to hearIs the picture always fuzzy on your TV?You can pick up a lot of stations on the car radio but the sound is usually a bit fuzzy.(figurative) The basic facts of the story are starting to emerge though the details are still fuzzy (= unclear).(figurative) My head's a bit fuzzy (= I cannot think clearly) this morning after all that wine last night.See also fuzzy at fuzz.Fuzzy logic is a theoretical system used in mathematics, computing and philosophy which allows theorists and computers to deal with statements which are neither true nor false.It is said that fuzzy logic offers computers the best chance of making sense of what people are thinking and then of reproducing their behaviour.

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