Meaning of GOLD in English


(METAL) [adjective] [not gradable], [noun] - (made of) a soft, yellow, heavy, metallic element which is quite rare and very valuablegold jewellery/bullionIn many civilizations, gold objects were buried with important people who had died.There is said to be (a crock/pot of) gold at the end of the rainbow.It's every prospector's dream to strike (= find) gold.There are still people who pan for gold (= look for it by washing stones from a stream in a pan).A legend says there is gold (= objects made of gold, such as coins and jewellery) buried somewhere on the island.She was dripping with gold (= wearing a lot of gold jewellery).If a recording of a popular song, or of a collection of popular songs, goes gold, it sells a large number of copies.A gold card is a credit card which you can get if you earn a lot of money.(disapproving) A gold digger is someone, usually a woman, who tries to (sexually) attract a rich person, usually a man, in order to obtain presents, money or social advance.A gold digger is also a person who digs for gold.A gold disc is a prize given to the performer(s) of a popular song, or a collection of popular songs, when a large number of copies of the recording of it have been sold.Gold dust is gold in powder form.(figurative esp. UK) Tickets for the concert are (like) gold dust (= very difficult to obtain because a lot of people want them).Gold leaf is gold in the form of very thin sheets which is often used to cover objects, such as decorative details in a building.A gold (medal) is a small disc of gold, or a metal that looks like gold, which is given to the person who wins a competition, esp. in a sport.He's running so well, surely he'll take the gold.What a race she's having - she's really going for gold (= trying very hard to win).If something is gold-plated, it has been electrically covered with a very thin layer of gold.The gold reserve is the amount of gold held by a national bank, which is used for dealing with the national banks of other countries.A gold rush is a situation in which a lot of people move to a place to try to find gold because they have heard that gold has been found there.The gold standard is a system of providing and controlling the exchange of money in a country, in which the value of money (relative to foreign money) is fixed against that of gold.

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