Meaning of GOLD in English


/ gəʊld; NAmE goʊld/ noun , adjective

■ noun


[ U ] ( symb Au ) a chemical element. Gold is a yellow precious metal used for making coins, jewellery, decorative objects, etc. :

a gold bracelet / ring / watch, etc.

18-carat gold

the country's gold reserves

made of solid / pure gold

—see also fool's gold


[ U ] money, jewellery, etc. that is made of gold :

His wife was dripping with (= wearing a lot of) gold.


[ U , C ] the colour of gold :

I love the reds and golds of autumn.


[ U , C ] = gold medal :

The team look set to win Olympic gold.

He won three golds and a bronze.


- all that glitters / glistens is not gold

- a crock / pot of gold

- (as) good as gold

—more at heart , street , strike verb , worth adjective

■ adjective

[ only before noun ] bright yellow in colour, like gold :

The company name was spelled out in gold letters.



Old English , of Germanic origin; related to Dutch goud and German Gold , from an Indo-European root shared by yellow .

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