Meaning of IDENTITY in English


[noun] - who a person is, or the qualities of a person or group which make them different from othersThe man's identity was being kept secret while he was helping the police with information about the murder. [C]She said that as a journalist she could not reveal the identity of her source. [C]The informant was given a new identity (= a different name and new official documents) for protection. [C]The newspaper photo apparently showed him in Rome but it was a case of mistaken identity (= it was the wrong person). [U]In prison people often suffer from a loss of identity. [U]She said that her job gave her a sense of identity. [U]An identity card is an official document or plastic card with your name, date of birth, photograph or other information on it which proves who you are.,An identity crisis is a feeling of being unsure about who or what you are.The colonial powers suffered an identity crisis when they lost their colonies.(UK) During an identity parade (US lineup) at a police station, someone who saw a crime being committed tries to recognize the person who committed it, by looking at a row of people which includes the person accused of the crime.

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