Meaning of IDENTITY in English


/ aɪˈdentəti; NAmE / noun ( pl. -ies )


[ C , U ] ( abbr. ID ) who or what sb/sth is :

The police are trying to discover the identity of the killer.

Their identities were kept secret.

She is innocent; it was a case of mistaken identity .

Do you have any proof of identity?

The thief used a false identity.

She went through an identity crisis in her teens (= was not sure of who she was or of her place in society) .


[ C , U ] the characteristics, feelings or beliefs that distinguish people from others :

a sense of national / cultural / personal / group identity

a plan to strengthen the corporate identity of the company


[ U ] identity (with sb/sth) | identity (between A and B) the state or feeling of being very similar to and able to understand sb/sth :

an identity of interests

There's a close identity between fans and their team.



late 16th cent. (in the sense quality of being identical ): from late Latin identitas , from Latin idem same.

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