Meaning of LIGHTNING in English


[noun] [U] - a flash of bright light in the sky which is produced by electricity moving between clouds or from clouds to the groundthunder and lightningThere was a flash of lightning and then a loud peal of thunder.That blackened tree was struck by lightning in a thunderstorm last week.I'll be as quick as lightning (= extremely quick).She changed her clothes with lightning speed (= extremely quickly).A (UK) lightning conductor/(US) lightning rod is a strip of metal going from the highest point of a building to the ground which prevents the lightning from damaging the building by taking the electricity to the ground before it can reach a dangerous level.(US) Someone who is a lightning rod attracts criticism or anger that should really be directed at someone else.Civil servants are often the lightning rods for criticism that should be directed at politicians.(UK and ANZ) A lightning strike (esp. US wildcat strike) is a sudden strike without the usual warning by the workers and often without the official support of the trade unions.(saying) 'Lightning never strikes twice in the same place'.

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