Meaning of LIGHTNING in English


I. noun


at/with lightning speed (= very quickly )

He moved with his usual lightning speed.

flash of lightning

A flash of lightning lit up the night sky.

forked lightning

lightning bug

lightning conductor

lightning rod

The senator has become a lightning rod for criticism.

lightning strike

sheet lightning

struck by lightning

The temple burned down after it was struck by lightning last year.

struck by...bolt of lightning

There’s not much left of his house after it was struck by a bolt of lightning .

thunder and lightning

Rain fell steadily for an hour, accompanied by thunder and lightning.

white lightning




The skies darkened and lightning bolts split the sky.

The fingerboard is rosewood with the somewhat imposing lightning bolt inlays which share the blue livery chosen for this particular model.

The lightning bolt hit the house in Kingsteignton, south Devon, but no-one was hurt, said police.

Stay on the left and let it come up close, jumping over its lightning bolts in the process.

They exploded against her like lightning bolts .

We'd been struck by a lightning bolt .


I ... Is there a point to lightning conductors ?

Franklin had also been invited to advise Glasgow University in the matter of a lightning conductor .

Glasgow's first lightning conductor drank the power of creation and waited for more.


As I found out later, a metal necklace he was wearing had taken the full brunt of the lightning flash .

In the distance I can hear the rumble of thunder and see lightning flash from cloud to cloud.

Friend's triumph flared like a lightning flash .

I see those lightning flashes again, colors striking.

Thunder rolled up from his chest, and lightning flashes glittered in his eyes.

It was like that endless moment, Sabine thought, between the lightning flash and the first crackle of thunder.

This fortuitous cooperation of lightning flashes and motor car exhausts was producing results in fairly populated areas at night.


One of the summer associates in another firm told me that a partner there had proved a real lightning rod for trouble.

Since then, she has become a lightning rod for a national debate on immigration.

It was like a lightning rod that drew to itself all the negative impulses of a hyperactive time.


Having fallen in love with each other, the couple are now setting up home together at lightning speed .

They darted with lightning speed after one another.

Some of these fellas are several screens high, yet they zip around at lightning speed !

Time was, not everyone had access to moving things at lightning speed , with neither brakes nor checks.

The application was, of course, dismissed with lightning speed .

They were looking for food, of course, and would suddenly plunge downwards at lightning speed when they spotted something.

We have acquired a reputation as the dumping ground with lightning speed .

He moved with his usual lightning speed , slapping her brutally across the face.


As news of the shooting spread, Overtown exploded like tinder in a lightning storm .


Energy was released into the building by a lightning strike .

The tactic was the old reliable one: the lightning strike .

Owing to the random nature of lightning strikes , it is unlikely that lying down offers any protection.

As with most valuable electronic equipment, surge protection is recommended against possible lightning strikes and power surges.

Holly's hand moved, the lightning strike of the cobra.

I believe that there was a lightning strike on the car.

Gilbert waited for the lightning strike that would finally find them, and began to babble a hopeless prayer.

The probability of my inviting a lightning strike in any particular minute is also very low.



As far as we're concerned, you became a new identity the moment you were hit by blue lightning .


bolt of lightning

A bolt of lightning ripped it open, and the light was followed closely by a deep rumble of thunder.

A few bolts of lightning and clouds of smoke later, Turbo was born!

Another bolt of lightning struck behind him, and Eugene felt the air seared into ozone on either side of him.

Atop a mountain he slew his daughter, then was im-mediately struck dead by a bolt of lightning.

But then he also once dodged a bolt of lightning.

Her thoughts crystallised with the suddenness of a bolt of lightning.

It was like a bolt of lightning knocked me out of bed and threw me to the floor.

fork of lightning

Suddenly a huge fork of lightning hit the tree.

like greased lightning

They expect the bill to move through Congress like greased lightning.

The following passage exemplifies, for Rees, macho characteristics: Clogger moved like greased lightning.

streak of lightning/fire/light etc

A streak of lightning split the sky.

Sometimes there is hope, a streak of light, a blur on a piece of film.

The three women were wreaking havoc with their guns that fired streaks of light.

There was another streak of lightning overhead.

stroke of lightning


A flash of lightning lit up the whole sky.

There was a great summer storm, with thunder and lightning and heavy rain.


Another bolt of lightning struck behind him, and Eugene felt the air seared into ozone on either side of him.

Atop a mountain he slew his daughter, then was immediately struck dead by a bolt of lightning .

Expect thunder, expect lightning , expect country and blues and rock and expect him to offer the unexpected, too.

Overhead, lightning flickered frequently as the static electricity accumulating in the ash cloud discharged.

The rumbling becomes louder and is interspersed with flashes of lightning as the sky blackens.

When a flash of lightning lit up the sky to the south we decided we'd better go now!

II. adjective


In his prime, Brown was a lightning quick running back.


Carville saw the campaign as a lightning war.

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