Meaning of LIMITED in English

[adjective]Limited means not much (of something) is available.There was a very limited choice of sofas in the style that we wanted.She's had very limited movement in her legs since the accident.Guinea-pigs are animals of very limited intelligence.I'd imagine that clothes made out of plastic have a rather limited appeal (= are not very popular).I was quite lucky to get tickets because they're only doing the play for a limited season/run (= a short period).Limited also means kept within a particular size, range, time, etc..Places on the bus are limited to fifty - so book early!The problem of stress is certainly not limited to people who work (= it exists for others too).Limited is also used in the name of some companies.See Ltd.A limited edition of a book or picture is one of a small set that were printed.She's got some very valuable limited editions on her shelves.

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