Meaning of LIMITED in English

I. adjective

Etymology: from past participle of limit (II)


a. : confined within limits : restricted in extent, number, or duration

the product of limited rainfall — Samuel Van Valkenburg & Ellsworth Huntington

limited markets of one thousand — V.G.F.Reynolds

such enterprises should have a limited life — Leslie Rees

b. of a train

(1) : having a limited number of cars and making a limited number of stops in order to provide fast through service

(2) : offering superior accommodations or service and faster transportation

2. : characterized by enforceable limitations prescribed (as by custom or a constitution) upon the scope or exercise of powers

the government of the United States … though limited in its powers, is supreme — John Marshall

England has been great … under the present limited monarchy — Edmund Burke

— compare absolute 3, constitutional 4, divine right 1

3. : narrow and unimaginative : lacking in originality of thought

a thorough good sort; a bit limited ; a bit thick in the head — Virginia Woolf

• lim·it·ed·ly adverb

• lim·it·ed·ness noun -es

II. noun

( -s )

: a limited train

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