Meaning of MADE in English


[past simple] and [past participle] of make - He was wearing a suit made from pure silk.On the bottom of the watch it said 'Swiss-made'.The house was made of wood with an iron roof.USAGE: Do not confuse 'made of' and 'made from'. 'Made of X' implies that the X is still (visibly) present, so 'wine is made from grapes' not 'of grapes'.(informal) If you have (got) it made, you are certain to be successful and rich.He believed that if he married a rich woman he would have it made.If a piece of clothing is made-to-measure it is specially made to fit you exactly, rather than bought in a shop.If you or your face is made-up, you are wearing make-up.Sophie was heavily made-up, with dark red lipstick and green eye-shadow. See make-up.A story or report that is made-up has been invented and is not true.She said she didn't like made-up stories. See make up (INVENT).

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