Meaning of MADE in English




a match/marriage made in heaven (= a happy and successful marriage )

advances made

the advances made in the understanding of mental handicap

be made of/from cotton

The fabric is made of cotton or wool.

be made/become manifest (= be clearly shown )

Their devotion to God is made manifest in ritual prayer.

made a citizen’s arrest

Brown made a citizen’s arrest when a youth attempted to rob an elderly woman.

made a dart for

The prisoner made a dart for the door.

made a deep impression on

What he said made a deep impression on me.

made a loss

The company made a loss of $250,000 last year.

made a mess

The dog’s made a mess on the carpet.

made a mint

She made a mint on the stock exchange last year.

made a...cock-up of

He’s made a monumental cock-up of his first assignment.

made a...dent

The trip made a big dent in our savings.

made aware

Mr Braley has been made aware of the need for absolute secrecy.

made bankrupt

Mr Trent lost his house when he was made bankrupt .

made every endeavour

They made every endeavour to find the two boys.

made homeless

Thousands of people have been made homeless .

made it big (= became very successful )

After years as a small-time actor, he suddenly made it big in Hollywood.

made no reply

Stephen made no reply .

made payable to

Cheques should be made payable to the National Trust.

made provisions for

He made provisions for his wife and his children in his will.

made public

Details of the highly sensitive information have not been made public .

made redundant

Seventy factory workers were made redundant in the resulting cuts.

made representations

A group of students made representations to the college about the poor standard of the accommodation.

made sacrifices

They made sacrifices to ensure a good harvest.

made the ultimate sacrifice

Captain Oates made the ultimate sacrifice in a bid to save his colleagues.

made up a foursome

Jim and Tina made up a foursome with Jean and Bruce.

made...a laughing stock

The programme has made the U.S. a laughing stock .

made...a pig of myself (= ate too much )

I made a bit of a pig of myself at dinner.

made...abundantly clear

She’d made her feelings towards him abundantly clear .


The teacher made serious allegations against a colleague.


The committee made no allusion to the former President in its report.


Jesse laughed, which made me even angrier .

made...approach to

They made a direct approach to the minister of education.


It was clear to land so we made our approach .


The police made several arrests.

I made a bit of a boo-boo asking her about David!

made...botch of

I’ve just made an awful botch of my translation.

made...concerted effort

Libraries have made a concerted effort to attract young people.


He made his Major League debut as shortstop.


The contrast could not have been made more explicit .


The party made considerable gains at local elections.


The gunmen made a getaway on foot.

made...go weak at the knees

His smile made her go weak at the knees . hell

My mother made my life hell .


You made me look really stupid in front of all my friends!


The Council has made it mandatory for all nurses to attend a refresher course every three years.

made...motion with

Doyle glanced back at Bodie, and made a slight motion with his head.


The taste made me nauseous .

made...New Year resolutions

I haven’t made any New Year resolutions – I never stick to them anyway.


Caldwell made a plea for donations.


She made two purchases from my stall.


The company has recently made a big push into the Japanese market.


He made a rendezvous with her in Times Square.


Jones made 32 runs this afternoon.

Martin made a brilliant save from Nichol’s shot.


She believed she had been made a scapegoat for what happened.


We made a sortie from our hotel to the open-air market.


His reluctance to answer my questions made me suspicious .


Mary made us very welcome .

mind is made up

No more argument. My mind is made up.

specially designed/built/made etc

The boats are specially built for the disabled.

were made of sterner stuff (= were more determined )

Surely you’re not going to give up? I thought you were made of sterner stuff .


I'm not made of money

be made of sterner stuff

But Bastide was made of sterner stuff.

But it seems to us that hypocrisy should be made of sterner stuff.

In the years separating the two Great Wars women were made of sterner stuff.

Miller seemed about to choke on his drink, but Floyd was made of sterner stuff.

The female characters, too, are made of sterner stuff than the quick-witted schemers of Figaro.

The visitors seem to be made of sterner stuff.

This time, however, the opposition was made of sterner stuff.

be made of stone

Before the steel skeleton, tall buildings were made of stone .

The floors throughout the house are made of stone , including upstairs!

be made up to captain/manager etc

fresh-made/fresh-cut/fresh-grated etc

freshly ground/picked/made etc

A garland of freshly picked marigolds hung from the mirror.

A good addition to dried apricot fool is a spoonful or two of freshly ground almonds.

Add the mascarpone Reheat, adding the mascarpone and correcting the seasoning with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Drizzle with a tablespoon or so of olive oil and season with salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Season generously with freshly ground pepper and add salt to taste.

Squeeze over some lemon juice and add freshly ground pepper.

Sure enough, inside we found some beautiful zucchini and tomatoes, freshly picked from a nearby garden.

There were dates and a delicious bowl of freshly made cottage cheese.

have it made in the shade

new-made/new-formed/new-laid etc

there's money (to be made) in sth

Experts and city officials agree there's money to be made in the casino business.

And there's money in being the best.

And there's money in it.

I love airline food and further suspect that there's money in it somewhere.

you've made your bed and you must lie on it


It made me glad to be what I was.

The sky was clear and the sunlight had a brilliance and intensity that made her head reel.

We had a good flight home with excellent connection times, which made it less exhausting than the journey to Jo'burg.

We had stood our ground and made our point.

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