Meaning of MAGNETIC in English


[adjective]An iron bar can be made magnetic (= able to attract iron and steel objects) by wrapping wire around it and passing an electric current through the wire.You can describe a person as magnetic if they have a character or appearance that attracts a lot of people to them.He is the most magnetic male dancer in the Royal Ballet.A magnetic field is an area around a magnet or something magnetic, in which its power to attract objects to itself can be felt.Bees navigate with the help of magnetic fields.A magnetic head is the same as a head (DEVICE).Magnetic north/south is the direction towards north or south which the pointer of a compass (= a device for finding direction) shows.The Earth's magnetic poles are the two points, near the North and South poles (= points at the most northern and southern parts of the earth), which the pointer of a compass (= an instrument for finding direction) shows as north and south.(specialized) Magnetic resonance imaging is MRI.Magnetic tape is a plastic strip covered with a magnetic substance on which sound, images or computer information can be recorded.

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