Meaning of MOP in English


[verb] [T] -pp-He mopped the bathroom floor (= washed it with a mop).If you mop your brow/forehead/face, you use a cloth to remove sweat.He mopped his forehead with a large handkerchief.If you mop something up you use a cloth or a mop to remove liquid or (figurative) you make things tidy or arrange them in a better way.Get a cloth to mop up the milk from the floor.I'll mop it up.(figurative informal) There was a lot of mopping-up to do after the earthquake.(figurative informal) We had quite a mopping-up operation after the party.(informal) Mop up also means to finish or use something completely.There are only three parcels left to wrap - we'll soon mop it up.The repair bill mopped up all my spare cash.

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