Meaning of NINE in English


[determiner], [pronoun], [noun] - (the number) 9eight, nine, tena nine-month prison sentenceNine cities have shown an interest in hosting the next Olympic games.She'd just had a birthday and was wearing a badge with a nine on it.(informal) If someone is done/dressed (up) to the nines they are wearing very stylish and fashionable clothes often as a way of trying to influence someone.She had washed her hair and dressed herself up to the nines by the time we arrived.(dated) A nine days' wonder is something which causes excitement or interest for a short time but is then quickly forgotten.If something happens nine times out of ten it almost always happens.Nine times out of ten if parents fuss too much they simply alienate their children.See also ninety-nine times out of a hundred at ninety.If someone says that they work nine to five they start work at nine o'clock in the morning and finish at five, which are the hours worked in many offices from Monday to Friday.a nine-to-five routine

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