Meaning of PACE in English


(SPEED) [noun] [U] - the speed at which someone or something moves, or with which something happens or changesIf you're going to walk a long way, it's better to start out at a fairly slow pace.When she thought she heard someone following her, she quickened her pace.The train gathered pace (= increased speed) as it went down the hill.Michael always sets the pace (= decides the speed) when we go out for a walk, and the rest of us have to keep up with him.For many years this company has set the pace (= has been the most successful company and others have tried to copy it) in the communications industry.Could you slow down a bit - I can't keep pace with (= walk or run as fast as) you.We must make sure that we keep pace with (= make changes in reaction to) new developments in computer technology.See also pacemaker.To force the pace in a race is to make other people in the race go fast, by going fast yourself.The record-holder really forced the pace in the 1500 m.These changes seem to me to be happening at too fast a pace.Schoolchildren should be allowed to work at their own pace (= at the speed at which they want to work).I don't like the pace (= the speed of activity) of modern life.They moved out of the city because they couldn't stand the pace (= didn't like the hurried activity) (of life there).This recording of "Cosi fan tutte" has been criticized for its lack of pace (= being too slow).A pace bowler or pace man in cricket is a player who bowls the ball fast.

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