Meaning of PATH in English


(TRACK) [noun] [C] - a route or track between one place and another, or the direction in which something is movinga garden patha concrete patha well-trodden pathThis is the path to the cliffs.Many paths are overgrown but you can still see the way to go.It will be several days before snowploughs clear a path (through) to the village.They followed the path until they came to a gate.Carry on along this path until you come to a shop, then turn left.A fierce fire is still raging through the forest, burning everything in its path (= as it moves forward).The Weather Service issues warnings to people in the path of a hurricane (= in the area in which it is moving) so they have time to prepare or get out of the way.The charged particles move in spiral paths.(figurative) His path through life (= The way he decided to live his life) was never easy.See picture: House(slightly formal) It was a pleasure meeting you - I hope our paths cross (= we meet) again in the future.

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