Meaning of PATH in English

path S2 W2 /pɑːθ $ pæθ/ BrE AmE noun ( plural paths /pɑːðz $ pæðz/) [countable]

[ Language: Old English ; Origin: pæth ]

1 . TRACK a track that has been made deliberately or made by many people walking over the same ground:

I walked nervously up the garden path towards the front door.

a well-worn path across the grass

Follow the path along the river to the bridge.

a path leading to the summer house

2 . WAY THROUGH SOMETHING the space ahead of you as you move along

path through

Police cleared a path through the protesters.

Damian blocked their path.

3 . DIRECTION the direction or line along which something or someone is moving

in sth’s/sb’s path

The tornado destroyed everything in its path.

into the path of something

She walked into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

4 . PLAN a plan or series of actions that will help you achieve something, especially over a long period of time:

a career path

path to freedom/success/independence etc

She saw a college degree as her path to success.

the same/a different path

I hope you will choose a different path.

5 . sb’s paths cross if two people’s paths cross, they meet by chance:

Our paths did not cross again.

⇨ beat a path (to sb’s door) at ↑ beat 1 (16), ⇨ off the beaten path at ↑ beaten (1), ⇨ ↑ flight path , ⇨ lead somebody up the garden path at ↑ lead 1 (12), ⇨ stand in sb’s path at ↑ stand 1 (30)

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■ verbs

▪ follow a path

We followed a path through the trees.

▪ take a path (=start going along it)

Take the wide path to the right.

▪ keep to the path

They kept carefully to the paths and did not go across the farmer's fields.

▪ a path leads somewhere

There are many paths leading to the top of the mountain.

▪ a path winds

A narrow path wound down towards the beach.

▪ a path climbs (=goes upwards)

I could see the line of a path that climbed up from the bay.


▪ narrow

We walked along a narrow path beside a stream.

▪ steep

A steep path led down to the harbour.

▪ muddy

They trudged up the muddy path.

▪ rocky

Our guide trod carefully down the rocky path.

▪ winding

He climbed the winding path up the hill.

▪ well-worn (=used a lot or for a long time)

I followed what seemed to be a well-worn path heading in the right direction.

▪ a garden path

Emma came running up the garden path.

▪ a coast/coastal/cliff path

From the cliff path, you get superb views out to sea.

▪ a cycle path (=for people riding bicycles)

They should put a cycle path along the edge of each new road they build.

▪ a bridle path (=for people riding horses)

He knows all the bridle paths through the woods.

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