Meaning of SHEET in English


[noun] [C] - a large thin flat esp. rectangular piece of something, esp. a piece of cloth used for sleeping on or a piece of paperOne of the things I like about staying in hotels is that they put clean sheets on the bed every day.Several typewritten sheets (= pieces of paper) lay on his desk.The application form was a single sheet of paper.It took five or six sheets of wrapping paper to cover the TV that we were giving Dad as a present.She was nervously carrying a large sheet of glass.They fixed a polythene/plastic sheet over the broken window.Sheet metal is used to make car bodies and things like the outsides of fridges and stoves.See picture: BedroomA sheet is also a piece of paper with something printed on it.The tourist office provides a weekly information sheet about things that are happening in the town.The model aeroplane came with an instruction sheet about how to put it together.A thick sheet (= layer) of ice had formed over the water.(figurative) A sheet (= wide mass) of flame shot up into the air immediately after the explosion.The rain was coming down in sheets (= it was raining very hard).Sheet lightning is lightning that lights up a large part of the sky.Sheet music is music in its printed or written form, esp. single sheets of paper not formed into a book.

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