Meaning of SHEET in English

n. 1 bed-sheet, crib-sheet, fitted sheet, flat sheet, US contour sheet How often do you change the sheets on your bed? 2 leaf, folio, page He tore a sheet of paper from the notebook 3 pane, panel, plate, slab The desk has a sheet of glass on top for protection 4 lamina, lamination, layer, stratum, veneer, membrane Plywood is made up of a number of thin sheets of pressed wood bonded together for strength 5 area, expanse, stretch, layer, film, coat, coating, covering, blanket, cover, surface, skin, veneer The sheet of ice on the road made driving hazardous 6 newspaper, journal, paper, tabloid, gazette, daily, weekly, monthly, Colloq rag: Have you got a copy of the sheet that published the article about you?

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