Meaning of STREET in English


[noun] [C] - a road in a city, town or village which has buildings that are usually close together along one or both sidesThe streets were strewn with rubbish after the carnival.The streets are quiet at the moment, but renewed fighting could erupt at any time.Our daughter lives just across the street from us.It really upsets me when I see people begging in the street.The recent violence has led to armed police on the streets.Despite being a qualified teacher, her basic salary is less than street cleaners earn.My grandmother can remember when there were still horse-drawn cabs and cobbled streets in London.Be sure to look both ways when you cross the street.It is hoped that the curfew will bring the street demonstrations under control.The town was still busy at eight, but the streets were deserted by nine.More than 120 people have been killed in four days of vicious street fighting.I wish you'd do something constructive at the weekends instead of hanging about on street corners with your friends.Inadequate street lighting makes many people afraid to go out at night.If you want to try the best local cuisine, you'll need to avoid the streets lined with tourist restaurants.Despite being away for several years, he felt he could still handle the mean (= dangerous and dirty) streets of Washington.The church is surrounded by a maze of narrow streets.Riot police were patrolling the streets of South London last night after violence erupted at an anti-racist march.Even at five in the morning, there were still crowds of people roaming the streets, singing and shouting.Few visitors to the town stray from the main shopping streets.Builders jeer at us even when we're just walking down the street.Keep your voice down, we don't want the whole street (= everyone living along this road) to hear us!(figurative) Few people will be dancing in the streets (= very happy) about a two per cent pay rise.(figurative) Many asylum seekers appear to be economic migrants, convinced that the streets of Europe are paved with gold (= that they can become rich in Europe).There have been several street protests against the tax increases.Go and wash your face, Molly! You look like a street urchin.I bought these sunglasses from a street vendor when I was in Florence.(UK and ANZ) Something that is streets ahead of something else is much better or much more advanced than it.The latest sales figures show that we're streets ahead of the competition.Don't worry about them. We're streets ahead.Someone who is on the streets or walking the streets has no home.Some of these people have been on the streets for years.He's terrified of losing his home and having to walk the streets.Sometimes a woman or girl who is on the streets or walking the streets is someone whom men pay to have sex with them.I needed money to buy drugs and I ended up walking the streets. See also streetwalker.When people take to the streets, they express their opposition to something publicly and often violently.Thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest against the military coup.If something is up your street (esp. US up your alley), you are interested in it or you enjoy doing it.Carpentry isn't really up my street. I'd rather pay someone else to do it.I've got a little job for you which is right up your alley.(UK and ANZ) If you have street-credibility (also street-cred), you are likely to be accepted by ordinary young people who live in towns and cities because you have the same fashions, styles, interests, culture or opinions.That jacket won't do much for your street cred. It looks awful!Many celebrities develop a working class accent to increase their street credibility.The store is trying to attract more teenage customers by developing a more street-credible image.Street furniture is equipment such as lights, road signs and telephone boxes that is positioned at the side of a road for use by the public.(US) Street people are people who do not have a home and who often sleep outside in cities.About one-third of the country's street people are drug or alcohol abusers.(US) Street smarts is the ability to manage or succeed in difficult or dangerous situations, esp. in big towns or cities.You haven't got the street smarts to last ten minutes in New York without getting ripped off.Street theatre is free theatrical entertainment that is performed outside in public places, particularly near shops, restaurants and bars.We spent many evenings sitting in cafés watching the street theatre.The street value of an illegal drug is the price that is paid for it by the person who uses it.Customs officers discovered heroin with a street value of £6 million at Felixstowe docks earlier today.The man/woman in the street is an ordinary, average person whose opinions are considered to be representative of most people.To win the election he needs to appeal to the typical man and woman in the street.

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